About Us

QANAT Ingeniería is a Civil Engineering and renewable energy consulting company with headquarters in Madrid. As a knowledge-based company, our experienced senior team of engineers with PhD and MSc is our main asset.
We specialize in Water Engineering, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Renewable Energies and Transportation and Urban Engineering. We carry out consulting and management and supervision of works. We have developed contracts in Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Mexico and Costa Rica.
Our clients are various public institutions, investment funds and power generators, construction companies and other engineering companies. The high value that customers make of our work and their continued trust is our main pride.
We take our name from the ingenious Persian hydraulic engineering solution that, for 3,000 years, allows the regular collection and conduction of water in arid terrain over long distances (up to tens of km).


David Castro
(Civil Engineer, Ph.D.)

Kevin H. Carías
(Civil Engineer, MSc.)

We apply the highest quality standards in the development of our work, with a system certified under ISO 9001:2015.
Actively committed to the fight against climate change, we voluntarily compensate our CO2 emissions, in addition to having implemented an environmental management system under ISO 14001:2015 We voluntarily assume demanding corporate social responsibility commitments.